Getting off the beaten path in St. John

7 thoughts on “Getting off the beaten path in St. John”

  1. Maho beach looks amazing, this could be the scene of a thousand postcards. This island looks amazing and to be relatively unexploited by mass tourism just yet makes it even more spectacular . I hope the local brew was good

  2. Oh my goodness, I was gasping at each passing photo! St. John looks absolutely phenomenal. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Caribbean for the exact reason you like the more “off the beaten path” type of travel. In the past the places we visited were way too commercialized in the Bahamas or Dominican Republic. Thanks to your post, you’ve restored my faith! Definitely adding St. John to the list.

  3. Your photos are unbelievable! I’ve been to St. Thomas, but only on a cruise so I didn’t have time to make it to St. John. It looks like an absolute paradise.

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