Things to Do in Heidelberg, Germany

4 thoughts on “Things to Do in Heidelberg, Germany”

      1. Great Picture!I lived in Heidelberg 1959-61 as a military dedenpent, and ranged out of the golden ghetto as much and often as I could. The Philosophenweg (and a small tavern below it) were favored haunts with my friends.Worth mentioning that while Heidelberg escaped damage in World War II, it was not immune to war; the Castle was burned by French troops in the 1680s, in the dynastic wars that ranged across large parts of Europe at the time; the event is celebrated(?) each summer by fireworks shows that give the impression that it is burning again.And one note on the Heiliggeistkirche: It’s Lutheran now, but from about 1700 until 1936 it was partitioned down the length of the nave so that it could serve both Protestants and Catholics.

  1. I was contemplating going to Heidelberg from Kaiserslautern since I will be there in July 2016.

    Your post convince me that Heidelberg is not to be miss. By the way, beautiful photos.

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