9 Days in Switzerland – Part 3: Zermatt

5 thoughts on “9 Days in Switzerland – Part 3: Zermatt”

  1. Hey Porcupyn,
    Looking at the map, I believe that the blue and brown lines represent ski paths – looks like the hiking trail we used is represented by the dark grey line that starts at Gornergrat station and kind of parallels that brown line for a time. Looking at this, and following along our path, it looks like we hiked it all the way to the Riffelalp station, and took that train back down into Zermatt. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, Justin,
    I am planning a 8 days travel in April and I found your post very interesting and helpful and I am going to read all of them. I am on part2 now.
    I am not sure if the 8hrs on the train is worth while as it is a very long ride. For 8 hrs train, I would usually just fly. Do you think it would good idea from Lucerne just go to Berne Oberland directly then to Zermtt and just skip the St. Moritz ?

    1. Hi Anne,

      I would say that you could definitely skip St. Moritz. It was nice, but it wasn’t our favorite part of Switzerland. However I must say that the train ride on the Glacier Express was one of the highlights of the trip for me – it was absolutely stunning scenery the whole way, with panoramic windows in the cars. Between the food, wine, and views it was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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