Norwegian Charm in Stavanger

4 thoughts on “Norwegian Charm in Stavanger”

  1. Stavanger looks gorgeous! We are heading there for three nights in October, to explore and use as a base for a hike or two (weather permitting). Did you rent a car or use public transport? We’re tossing up whether we will need a car for the whole time, or just rent one for the day/s we hike…

    1. Hi Dee, we rented a car for the whole time we were there. It was actually not too expensive, and definitely worth it for the freedom it gives you to leave for hikes and day trips on your own schedule.

  2. How did you get to Stavanger? fly from Oslo or train? taking a 12 yr old on the hike to Pulpits rock..hes adventurous and did a pretty strenuous hike near Macchu Pichu (not the whole trail). Thought about doing Kjerag boulder – did you do this? but am getting such different opinions about complexity/danger and time length. Any input would be great thanks

    1. Hey Sharon,

      We flew to Stavanger from Stockholm. As to Pulpit Rock, I saw many families and even people with dogs hike the entire trail. It was moderately strenuous, but definitely would recommend it as appropriate for a 12 year old. Just make sure you have appropriate footwear – saw a few tourists hiking in sneakers who had to turn back at the halfway point. The trail is pretty gentle for the first bit, but then the altitude gains really start to ramp up and the terrain turns much more rock and you’re scrambling over boulders for a bit. I would not consider it a complex or dangerous hike. It took us about 4 hours in total time (out and back).

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