Life in Sweden So Far

17 thoughts on “Life in Sweden So Far”

  1. Wow Justin these photos are fantastic. You’ve captured them in a way I could see myself there! Enjoy your travels!

  2. Nice read, Justin. I also got out, and I’m super happy to read when someone does it as well. Best of luck in the coming years! Greetings from Amsterdam, from an Argentinian :)

  3. Great pics and a nice story. I took a leave of absence at the 20 year mark and moved to Sweden for a year with my family. One of the best things I have ever done. The little island we lived on was laying off teachers and I only had 12 more years to go for retirement, so we decided to return to the U.S. But I still miss Sweden.

  4. As a Swede its nice to read about your experiences in Eskilstuna and its surroundings. Heres to continued well being, happiness and laughter in your “Swedish experience” and future travel adventures! :)

  5. It feels very odd to see so many pictures from where I live, they are really beautiful!
    I could locate just about every one of them except the forest ones, heh.

    Have you tried Thai restaurant “inovation” down the street from work? Their buffet is kinda cheap and good and you get sushi as well!

    I hope the language barrier is not to much problem when dealing with adults, most Swedes know English even if some don’t feel confident enough to actually speak it.

    Would you be freaked out if I said “Hey” if I see you around?

    (PS: love your tatts)

    1. Yes, I’ve been to innovation a couple of times, it’s good stuff! I also really like the Mosob Ethiopean place just a few doors down from there as well. Perhaps you’ll see me riding around on my bike sometimes!

  6. Hi Justin, thats a nice post and really nice pictures.
    I’m thinking of moving to Sweden myself (I live in Eastern Europe) but I have cats which I would like to relocate with me. That’s why your sentence (“ that Christina and the cats are here with me..”) got me wondering – how did you transfered your cats to the Sweden? Was it hard for them?

  7. Thanks for this. I’m getting ready to start my move there. Just haven’t decided where. It depends on which school I choose. After traveling the world as part of the military, I really want to focus on school and my flickor.

  8. Hey Justin,

    Love your posts!

    I’ve heard you met a terrific Sarah in this small Swedish town who is your new best friend and possibly your long-lost sibling (based on music tastes and a tendency to be an old man). I’d like to hear more about her.

  9. Great post and pics! Found your blog while searching for Eskilstuna info.. I’ll be moving there at the end of July and I will be at the same school teaching science. Originally from Texas as well (Dallas) but coming by way of Abu Dhabi!

    Thanks for the info; I’m excited to get there now!

  10. Hello Justin! Nice photos, and a really interesting text. Are you still working for IE School? I hope you don’t mind me asking what was the salary? You started working without knowing how to speak Swedish, right? I’m plannig to move to Sweden and work as a teacher as well, and I saw two job adverts for IES Eskilstuna, so I’m trying to get as much as info about the school and the place itself as I can.

    P.s. Saw your post about Montenegro. You should visit Bosnia and Serbia too, they’re also very interesting and versatile countries. :)

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