Lost in Transylvania

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  1. You could have payed the ticked to the next civilised town from the attendant also know in Romania as “nașu” aka “the godfather”. It could have been a lot cheaper.

    300 lei for a trip to Bran and then Brasov it’s not as bad as I would expect considering that we was willingly to put his car trough those god forsaken roads. 150-200 would be a good deal considering the context.

    She turns the wheel and with a violent kick, the door bursts open.

    That’s the only way those doors open by keeping all of your fingers intact. Not a joke.

    Also bear in mind that attractions that are non-tourist traps in Romania = means no directions, even with google or maps.me or accessible by decent roads.

    I could recommend you the “drumul cetatilor app”, a CSR app that lists all the attractions small or big, but even for me was a challenge to get or find,
    some because there were no signs or information to guide me.

    Also 95% of the cases the people will be mostly curious, but you be in no danger whatsoever, we might be cunts one to one another but we welcome strangers with bread.

    1. I would have happily paid the attendant for fare to the next stop, but I don’t think I had enough cash on me at the time – not knowing where the train was going, I didn’t want to get any further away from Brasov than I needed to!

      I don’t doubt that most people are very friendly, but with my limited knowledge of the area and customs, I wasn’t feeling too positive about the outcome ;) A braver man than me might have decided to venture out further into the town, but that man is not me!

  2. What in interesting adventure! I knew Augustin as Ágostonfalva (I know, say what? – I’m Hungarian and we used the village name in our language), but from your photos it looks way more run-down than I remember it. I’m guessing it’s almost like a ghost-town now. I grew up in Transylvania and my grandparents lived in Brasov, so I knew the area… but that was almost thirty years ago. Bran is pretty cool though, I’m glad you got the chance to see it. You made me miss Transylvania, even the run-down trains of my childhood. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  3. This is the serendipity of travel at its best. You ended up in a place where you never intended to go and had experiences you never thought you would. Loved reading your account about being lost in Transylvania. After all you find something new only when you are lost !

  4. Well, it happens to me all the time .—— – I mean, getting on the wrong train. But yes, always turn out to be a serendipitous adventure; I have a thing about ruins and heritage. So yeah, an old and secluded small town in Romania sounds about right. Thanks for sharing with us @ knycx.journeying

  5. Wow, what an adventure! I can’t imagine the horror I would feel if I found myself in the same situation. So glad you had the phone number of the taxi driver! Smart move to keep that!

  6. Sounds like such an interesting adventure, I’ve heard of Transylvania because of the famous castle but the town itself looks very quiet (almost deserted) is that true? Either way, it looks fascinating.

  7. Wow this little town is really beautiful. Bran Castle took my breath away. And the view from there is absolutely gorgeous too. I can see why it’s being “exploited” for max tourist opportunity. :)

  8. Nice read. I wonder how much business Ene has got out of this little recount? A friend of mine got on a train in India with an apple and a bottle of water thinking it was only 3 hours long because the arrival time on her ticket said 6pm. Turns out it was 6pm the following day so she endured a train ride with just an apple for 27 hours!

  9. The next stop further Augustin would have been Sighișoara, a medieval preserved saxon town , much better for tourism than the village of Augustin. Bad luck for You ! Next time in Transylvania try to visit Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Cluj ( main city ), Bistrița or Târgu Mures.

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