9 Days in Switzerland – Part 1: Lucerne

16 thoughts on “9 Days in Switzerland – Part 1: Lucerne”

  1. Hi,

    Could you tell me what time in July you visited Switzerland ? Loved the sunshine in your pictures. Wondering if we should plan late July or early July or early August :).


    1. Hey Krishna, We were there in late July and into early August. The weather in the mountains is so variable though – we had many sunny days, but a few rainy days mixed in as well. Just a matter of luck being on your side!

  2. Hi Justin and Christina, Thanks for sharing your travel experience. I really like your blog and it is very informative and useful for people to plan the trips. I hope you can continue your travel and share more great blogs. Your first picture after arriving in Switzerland looks amazing, and it is just like a background image. Kudos!

    I am doing some research about Lucerne, and it will be part of my trip in Switzerland as well, just wonder if you can check this itinerary and let me know what you think? Does it cover most of the attractions? or I should find something else. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! You will fall in love with Lucerne – the itinerary you linked will be quite easy to get through. The town itself is quite compact and easily walkable. Enjoy your visit and happy travels!

  3. Justin,

    Amazing blog and brilliant snaps. lot of life in both.

    You motivated me to to Lucerene in May this year. Just wondering what would you choose between Mount Titlis, Rege, and Pilatus? Would you advise to visit one, two or all the three. My constraint is time and do not have more than 2 days for Lucerene.

    Another query is the type of Camera and the lens you have used to capture those amazing snaps. Appreciate if you could give some info on that too.

    Thanks a ton,

  4. Did you ever find the place in the picture with the beers and the mountain range? I’m heading to Switzerland in April and I would love to visit that spot!

  5. Switzerland is so rich in natural beauties and the scenery there is truly surreal, Justin! We’ve been there last year on our European road trip and the beauty of Switzerland left us speechless. Your pictures are proof of how remarkable this country is!

  6. We are just back from 7 days of Saas Fee in Switzerland, it was amazing. But from reading your post, we need a lot more time cause Switzerland has so mich to offer. Lucerne looks great! Thanks for the info and article.

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