A Day in Granada

3 thoughts on “A Day in Granada”

  1. Hi Justin. We are looking to go there for 1-2 days before heading to Costa Rica and really enjoyed your blog…. but was wondering how much you paid for the one day private tour… We are short on “dinero” and its a group of 7 of us (Three teenagers and my parents)… so thinking that private tour might work better than one of the public ones. Please advise — thanks !

    1. Hi Rosanna,
      The total cost was USD $220 for the full day. They picked us up at Morgan’s Rock in SJDS at 7 AM, and brought us back around 6 PM, so it was a full day. I really can’t recommend it enough, it was a great experience having a personal guide to show us around for the day! (it was about 2 1/2 hours drive each way from Morgan’s Rock to Granada.)

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