Great Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Hike

12 thoughts on “Great Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Hike”

  1. Great collection of hikes! I’m also an avid hiker….although I don’t always get out as much as I’d like. Interlaken, Switzerland was a great place to hike…the others will have to go on my growing list! :)

      1. Give me a little heads up if you are planning a trip to Kinabalu or elsewhere in East Asia. I have some schedule flexibility to take a week off and I would love to go back to Malaysian Borneo.

  2. Such a killer post, Justin! I loved hearing about your experience hiking Mount St. Helens! The Swiss Alps are also on our list to explore… we didn’t have time last time we were in that part of the world. Thanks again for including our hike in your post :) Also, you need to get your asses to NZ! I recommend Milford and Abel Tasman Track. Right up your alley!

    1. Loved your contribution, Andrea! Our asses are on our way to NZ as soon as we can possibly get there (which is probably in December of next year) – Milford looks absolutely amazing from your pictures! Can’t wait to saddle up in a camper van and take the whole south island in.

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