A Day in Armenia

4 thoughts on “A Day in Armenia”

  1. Fabulous journey, and thanks for sharing it. But you people, you are really so fragile nowadays. Which is understandable sure, because of so much cringing. Why not allow yourself a little bit of freedom? Or even laugh? I’m a Jew myself, and I certainly wouldn’t give a fuck about some random chump’s worries or complexes related to my nation. Or about those absolutely notPC little stories, which sometimes happen to be rather funny, by the way.

    Don’t be afraid. And don’t be so closed. There’s always a rather solid boundary between having a laugh and being a racist.

  2. Fascinating blog post — I found it very interesting, and actually a little humorous, too. Loved the gas tanks strapped on the top of the buses, the rows and rows of soap stores, and the noses joke! What an adventure!

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