Lake Louise and The Plain of Six Glaciers

17 thoughts on “Lake Louise and The Plain of Six Glaciers”

    1. We were totally blown away by this hike. Then the next day we did the Larch Valley trail at Moraine Lake, and couldn’t figure out which was more amazing. So many great things to see all over this area!

  1. We went there in 2012 and will be back in 2017. Although our weather wasn’t as good as on your photos

    we did really enjoy the hike. Plus the stop at the teahouse which is a really nice place to have a break

    The view you have while hiking there is just breathtaking

    And this is the reason why we will be back there on 2017 :-) Thank you a lot for your blogpost as it gave me a nice memory :-D

    Best wishes

  2. This looks amazing. The colors of the lake is just unreal. Thanks for including the highlights. Will keep that in mind if we ever end up here.

  3. Thanks for inspiring me to plan a return trip. Lake Louise is one of the most stunning lakes I have ever visited. I also appreciate the hiking information- great post!

  4. Canada – oh how stunning everything looks. Being in Boston, we’d love to visit this country someday. Plus, this seems like a do-able hike! What would you pick as your favorite part of this trail?

    1. You would love this hike, Supriya, it is very do-able! The best part to me was the 1.5 km stretch that continues on just past the teahouse. Most people skip it, but they’re missing the most dramatic scenery, in my opinion!

  5. I can’t get enough of these photos! Talk about stunning. I love that there is a place up the trail to stop, refuel and just take it all in. It’s interesting to hear how the staff get to work every week. Talk about commitment! And I’m curious now to see the hordes of tourists congregated around the lake! It certainly is a gorgeous sight.

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