Iceland, A Land of Diversity, Part 5: The Westfjords

18 thoughts on “Iceland, A Land of Diversity, Part 5: The Westfjords”

  1. Great blog on the Westfjords and Reykjavik. I hadn’t planned on taking the King & Queen excursion while driving through the Westfjords, but after your blog I plan to do it. Also, I planned to get a tattoo to symbolize my trip to Iceland when I get back to Houston. But after reading your blog and discovering there are tattoo parlors there, I can’t think of a better place to get it. Thank you!

    1. Yeah man! Can’t remember if it’s written in the blog, but I got mine done by Haffi at Íslenska Húðflúrstofan in Reykjavik. Definitely make an appointment in advance, I think it’s not as easy to do a walk in as it is around here. A bit expensive as well, I paid $215 for mine

  2. GREAT BLOG! – We leave on 7/1/15 for 10 days of a self drive on the ring road. Your blog was very helpful, my only regret about our itinerary is not doing the West Fjords.

  3. Great blog! Iceland is high on our travel plans, and you have confirmed my idea to spend our 2 1/2 weeks between Vik and the West Fjords. Trying to decide the best month to travel — crowds vs. weather. Maybe we should go in summer rather than September. Thanks for the helpful insights!

    1. Thanks! If you want the summer weather and daylight but fewer crowds, you should look into going in May or early June. July and August are the busiest months by far! However, whenever you decide to go, you won’t encounter hardly any crowds whatsoever in the Westfjords! Most of the big crowds tend to stick to the Golden Circle sights. Happy travels!

  4. Such a fabulous blog! Iceland is a place I would love to visit and I had started to consider it for Christmas but after reading about your travels I will save it for May or June when we can really get out and experience the country not just the city!

  5. This whole blog is great!!! I was in Iceland right after you, and seeing all these sites again made me miss it so much; I was supposed to be there again last week, but sadly was unable to go. Do you have an Instagram to follow?


    1. Hey Logan, Iceland certainly does have a power that seems to draw you back in. I can’t shake the urge to jump on a plane and get back there as soon as I can! You can follow me on Instagram @justingoesplaces, thanks for reading!

  6. Those falls… oh my word those falls! I’ve never seen anything like it.

    I would love to hear more about the Krap though too! Was it good?

    1. The Dynjandi falls were the most impressive thing I may have ever seen! Ha, the Krap – it was just your standard 7-11 slushy kinda thing, good if you like that kind of stuff :p

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